Patch Notes (Beta 0.5b)

General changes and bug fixes:

  • Changes in netcode to aid for smoother gameplay

  • Added option to change player region and show network connection with the other player to ensure smoother gameplay

  • Main menu revamped for ease of use on all platforms

  • Deck Editor revamped to accommodate for mobile devices and general consistency

  • Added player disconnection messages

  • Diagonal movement has been removed

  • Regenerator no longer heals while Burned

  • Touch controls have been revised to not require lifting your finger to perform an action


Gameplay changes:

  • Added tile effects. Tiles can now dynamically change states beyond player ownership.

    • Added cracked state and broken - In this state, the tile will break when a player steps off and cannot be moved onto until it regenerates in 20 seconds. The regen time is a placeholder for balance purposes.

  • Added the "grounded" state for various attacks such as Frost Wave. In this state, attacks do not go through broken tiles, and some attacks even stop after reaching a broken tile.

  • Added new taunt "Thinking"

Card changes:

  • Auto Stopper now reduces target's auto attack by 20 (2 levels) instead of resetting auto attack damage to 10.

  • Particle Sword changed to Fade Slash. Fade Slash is a forward slash that hits the column 3 units in front

    • Damage changed from 100 to 120

    • Fuel Cost changed from 4/4/4 to 5/5/5

  • Charge Pike changed to Frost Pike

    • Now Ices opponent on contact

    • Changed from a Midrange to a Control card

    • Fuel Cost changed from 4/4/4 to 8/6/4

  • Burst Cannon changed to Shock Cannon

    • Stuns on impact

    • Fuel Cost changed from 3/3/3 to 6/5/5

    • Damage changed from 100 to 70

  • Icy Wind now has hitstun on impact

  • Gigaton Punch damage changed from 100 to 120 and color has been changed to red

  • Xplosion now cracks every tile it hits

  • Reclaim is now a new attack that targets the player's original 3x3 tile space and reverts all stolen tiles within that 3x3 to its owner's possession. Also knocks opponents back.

    • Fuel Cost changed to 15/14/13

  • All mods no longer grant 150 EX on use.

  • Superarmor changed to only activate while attacking. A player with Superarmor on can still get hitstunned when idle or not attacking.


Card Additions:

  • Reclaim's original effect is now called Tile Burst. Still only activates on successful hit, and does not Advance if you are ahead on the board state.

    • Fuel Cost changed from 14/12/11 to 10/7/6

  • Earthbreaker - Hammer that deals 70 damage and cracks tiles in a straight line with a grounded shockwave. Direct impact point blank deals double damage

    • Fuel Cost is 4/7/9

  • Excavate - Breaks and throws tile in front of player if it isn't already missing in a forward line.

    • Fuel Cost is 3/6/7

Patch Notes (Beta 0.4)


  • Added 10 new cards

    • Xplosion - High damage criss cross explosions that can be dodged relatively easily
    • Grenade - plus shaped bomb that is lobbed (cannot damage opponent until it hits the floor) and explodes in a plus shape
    • Electro Bomb - low powered grenade that explodes in an X shape and stuns on contact
    • Data Phish - Low powered Upper Swipe that steals opponent's next card (if available) on contact
    • Reflect - 1 second shield counter that fires a strong beam forward if hit. Active frame 1 and is invincible while shield is up
    • Deflect - Reflect with two weaker beams firing above and below when hit
    • Misfire - Forces opponent to use their next card if able. Somewhat of a joke card, but excellent potential and I patiently await the day someone posts a gif of them losing a round cuz they got hit by a Misfired card
    • Auto Stopper - grenade that resets auto attack to a lv. 1 cannon if hit
    • Glitch Bomb - X shaped grenade that removes all mods when hit. Made in response to the difficulty of Glitch Beam landing and the power level of Mods being higher than anticipated
    • Reclaim - Invincible smash on the row in front of you that knocks back opponent and advances if you control less space than your opponent


  • Changes made to existing cards:

    • Attrition cost changed from 7/6/5 to 6/4/2
    • Blitz cost changed from 5/6/7 to 2/4/6
    • Glitch Beam startup reduced by 0.6s to make landing the move more manageable
    • Lava Axe changed to Aggro and cost changed from 7/7/7 to 4/6/7
    • Icy Wind speed changed from 350 units/s to 400 units/s
    • Regenerator now heals 1 HP every 0.6s from 1 HP every 0.2s
    • Particle Sword, Auto Sword, and Reserve Sword all have tweaked animations for AESTHETICS


  • Changes to the game:

    • The entire UI is now controlled by keyboard and controller input on PC and will be touch enabled on mobile. Mouse input no longer works as an input after testing fluidity of the game.
    • Deck Editor UI now has slightly larger navigation buttons and a deck building guidelines button. Future plans to rework the entire deckbuilding UI is in the works.
    • Shop tab is functional but locked in preparation for the mobile build.
    • Ads are working for the mobile build.
    • Added six new color palettes


  • Bugfixes/WIP:

    • Network manager now stabilized and resets itself after every game to prevent awkward connections and reconnects. Still under development: When joining a game fails, player must manually disengage and re-engage. Currently working on having the game do this step automatically
    • Most animation bugs fixed. Players should fire off/burn significantly less cards, if any, after being countered. Still under investigation.
    • Less data is now being sent across the network


  • Planned for 0.5:

    • Mobile release for Android and iOS
    • Community button that links to the Discord page
    • Aforementioned network manager changes
    • Randuels - Side gamemode where all cards given to each player are random