Patch Notes (Beta 0.5d)

General Changes and Additions:

  • Added the option to change controls from swipe controls to a virtual d-pad and buttons. While using the virtual D-Pad, taunting is done by swiping down, and swiping up still opens the CMD Prompt. You can change between the two control schemes in the Options menu.

  • Cycling is now done on by clicking on the card art diagram on the bottom right of the Disk Drive, rather than swiping on ALL control schemes.

  • Adjusted Tutorial text to reflect these changes

  • Added the "Raging" taunt

  • Added "Cold Steel" and "Electrode" skins

  • The Exit button on the top of the screen to leave that game now doubles as a back button while in the deck editor menu to avoid further confusion. Clicking the deck name also closes the menu like before.

  • Added Social Button that redirects to the Tri Wing Discord, Twitter, and website.

  • Tweaked network manager so players of the same version will be paired together. This is to prevent players on older versions from having their games crash when playing with newer clients.

    • Most systems such as Google Play, Apple's App Store, and Steam prompt auto updates so that the game will always be up to date, but this allows players who get their updates in a delayed manner to still play without taxing the matchmaking servers and is a lot easier to implement than a dedicated server version checker.

  • Slight optimization tweaks

Visual Changes:

  • Some palette colors have received slight color tweaks

  • Status icons in battle have been recolored to match the palette of the player

  • Animated the background of the Options Menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the text bug that removed all text from some users' games

  • Fixed issues with Ad Block not working as intended

  • Engage Button does not break after hitting Cancel too quickly

Gameplay Changes:

  • Fade Slash now has a longer startup to make it easier to dodge on Turn 1

    • Fade Slash's Fuel Text now corrected to 4/6/6

  • Movement cooldown changed from 0.2s to 0.35s