PC and iOS versions delayed

With the launch of Tri Wing on Android this week, I can honestly say that I’ve learned so much about the game and myself. Thanks again to everyone that has been here for the ride, both new and old. It is with great regret though that I must inform everyone that I will be delaying the PC and iOS versions of the game for a little bit longer while I work out the major issues with the Android version first. Some of you may be thinking “But why does Veak care so much about the Android build?” and it’s with this message that I wish to explain the significance of it.

When I launched Tri Wing, I expected there to be issues, and plenty of them. What I did not expect however, was there to be what I view as a “game ruining experience” in that there are so many affected devices with this missing text glitch. As a result of this, a large portion of my player base cannot enjoy the game or worse, they may feel inclined to leave negative feedback for an issue I am working diligently on. If I compounded this with the release of an iOS and PC build, those are two other platforms that I have to get up and running, and that simply cannot be done in a positive and efficient manner with just one guy working on the project. The aim to move forward is to have the game at a point where all builds appear to be stable with no “game ruining bugs” present, and then learn and improve as we go. I have been so fortunate to have such a wonderful and understanding community along the journey and I cannot thank everyone enough for wishing me to take my time and create a polished product and it is because of that I feel that it is best to deliver one solid project now than three broken ones (but let’s be real, you guys will always find stuff to break 💜).

So what’s the plan? When is Tri Wing coming to PC and iOS? Well in short: soon. Basically, when the Android version has all of the major issues addressed, then the iOS version will be rolled out with the same version as the enhanced Android build. From there, we’ll take another week or two and iron out any iOS specific issues, and after that, we’ll have the full PC launch and do the same thing. At that point, we should be golden.

This past week has been insane. I’ve never worked so hard or have been so motivated to make a good project for everyone. Thank you all again for your patience. I’ll do my best. -Vincent Veak