Tri Wing's Release and Onwards

Hello everybody! Nearly four years ago I started Tri Wing as a hobbyist project to get myself into game development. That game has evolved so much since then. I’ve added new features, new UI, new networking systems, and alongside all of that I’ve encountered so many unique problems that I’ve had to consider when designing a game. Fast forward to today, and Tri Wing is officially available for download on the Google Play Store here, with iOS and PC following shortly after.

Look how far we’ve come! It’s super exciting, but there’s still a long way to go! The game is very much in beta still, which means that it’s a constant work in progress. There are still several features that need to be added, new cards and mechanics, and most notably, more bugs to address.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL ANDROID USERS: There is currently an issue where some users cannot see the text UI of the game until they get into a game and deal damage to another player (including the training dummy). This is a serious issue that I did not see during testing and it is my top priority at the very moment.

The game itself is Free to Play on mobile devices! Yep, on both Android and iOS (coming soon), Tri Wing is 100% free with all content unlocked right out of the gate. There are ads after every fight, and you can disable them buy paying $4.99. This also supports the game a lot by showing your interest in its success, but ultimately it helps cover the cost of running the servers. On PC, the game will be available on Steam for $9.99 on 1/31/2019 and will be 20% for the first week! The game is cross platform with other systems as well, so you can play with your friends at home and on the go!

Throughout the next few weeks, my primary focus will be optimizing the mobile and PC builds to run as smooth as possible. I’ve already began making some quality of life changes for the mobile user experience as per player request. From there, we’ll look into balancing the game’s cards, adding new ones, and then adding new features such as Hexes.

The “Hex Editor”

The “Hex Editor”

Once the game stabilizes and we can focus on game balancing, I plan on introducing Hexes into the games. Think of them as perks or abilities that can’t be found in cards since they modify your character’s stats. We’ll talk more about them soon, but until then I hope to see you all online and on the Discord server! I will also be posting weekend progress reports every one to two weeks and will have my moderators police me about it, so everyone can stay current with the game’s updates and so that I may be forward with you all. I may also stream some debugging/beta tests during the weekends as well, so stay tuned!

Finally, I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the love and support throughout the years. It’s been a surreal experience and this is only the beginning!