Patch Notes (Beta 0.5b)

General changes and bug fixes:

  • Changes in netcode to aid for smoother gameplay

  • Added option to change player region and show network connection with the other player to ensure smoother gameplay

  • Main menu revamped for ease of use on all platforms

  • Deck Editor revamped to accommodate for mobile devices and general consistency

  • Added player disconnection messages

  • Diagonal movement has been removed

  • Regenerator no longer heals while Burned

  • Touch controls have been revised to not require lifting your finger to perform an action


Gameplay changes:

  • Added tile effects. Tiles can now dynamically change states beyond player ownership.

    • Added cracked state and broken - In this state, the tile will break when a player steps off and cannot be moved onto until it regenerates in 20 seconds. The regen time is a placeholder for balance purposes.

  • Added the "grounded" state for various attacks such as Frost Wave. In this state, attacks do not go through broken tiles, and some attacks even stop after reaching a broken tile.

  • Added new taunt "Thinking"

Card changes:

  • Auto Stopper now reduces target's auto attack by 20 (2 levels) instead of resetting auto attack damage to 10.

  • Particle Sword changed to Fade Slash. Fade Slash is a forward slash that hits the column 3 units in front

    • Damage changed from 100 to 120

    • Fuel Cost changed from 4/4/4 to 5/5/5

  • Charge Pike changed to Frost Pike

    • Now Ices opponent on contact

    • Changed from a Midrange to a Control card

    • Fuel Cost changed from 4/4/4 to 8/6/4

  • Burst Cannon changed to Shock Cannon

    • Stuns on impact

    • Fuel Cost changed from 3/3/3 to 6/5/5

    • Damage changed from 100 to 70

  • Icy Wind now has hitstun on impact

  • Gigaton Punch damage changed from 100 to 120 and color has been changed to red

  • Xplosion now cracks every tile it hits

  • Reclaim is now a new attack that targets the player's original 3x3 tile space and reverts all stolen tiles within that 3x3 to its owner's possession. Also knocks opponents back.

    • Fuel Cost changed to 15/14/13

  • All mods no longer grant 150 EX on use.

  • Superarmor changed to only activate while attacking. A player with Superarmor on can still get hitstunned when idle or not attacking.


Card Additions:

  • Reclaim's original effect is now called Tile Burst. Still only activates on successful hit, and does not Advance if you are ahead on the board state.

    • Fuel Cost changed from 14/12/11 to 10/7/6

  • Earthbreaker - Hammer that deals 70 damage and cracks tiles in a straight line with a grounded shockwave. Direct impact point blank deals double damage

    • Fuel Cost is 4/7/9

  • Excavate - Breaks and throws tile in front of player if it isn't already missing in a forward line.

    • Fuel Cost is 3/6/7