Patch Notes (Beta 0.4.1)



  • Changes made to existing cards:

    • Burst Cannon damage changed from 80 to 100
    • Charge Pike damage changed from 90 to 100
    • Particle Sword damage changed from 90 to 100
    • Regenerator now heals 1 HP every 0.4s from 1 HP every 0.6s


  • Changes to the game:

    • UI is now recontrollable via mouse after community feedback


  • Bugfixes:

    • Lag issues on Player 2 (red player) side have been significantly reduced


  • WIP:

    • Adding separate UI elements for match codes and player names to make controller input more stable
    • Adding scrolling lists for deck editor, as well as general deck editor revamps
    • Reworking the network manager so players do not have to requeue every time a connection drops
    • Adding a proper disconnect screen with improved fallback