State of the game 4/18/2018

Hello operators, I wanted to give everyone a status update with the current progress of Tri Wing.

Throughout the release period I've noticed that the state of the game is not up to the quality that I'd like from various standpoints ranging from the gameplay to the marketing. To cut to the chase, I'm holding back the release date of Tri Wing until I feel that the game is fully presentable with a complete package when it launches. It is at this moment I wish to explain my reasoning and go further in depth as to where Tri Wing stands and where I plan to take it from here.

So the first and foremost delay comes from the actual gameplay of Tri Wing. At the moment, the network that I have built for the game is currently unstable and for a multiplayer focused game, it is crucial that I perfect this before going further with any other development. There are some key bugs that need to be fixed such as animation glitches online, to Street Fighter V levels of input delay that need to be taken care of before releasing the game to the masses. These fixes are not hard, but they do take time. On top of the network, there are a lot of UI elements in the game that need to be revamped to accommodate both PC and mobile players. Many people do not know this, but TW is a one man project that I have been working on/off for three years and the UI was recently redone since it did not have an update since the project started in 2015. Other elements like cross platform play, ads and in-app purchases for the mobile titles, and new cards/game modes also need to be implemented as well to prevent a shallow experience.


On the note of shallow experiences, I also seek to revisit the marketing and image of this game, as it comes across as a shameless rip-off of the Megaman Battle Network series. This is clearly not my intention. Tri Wing is a love letter of sorts to the series, but does a lot in the gameplay department to set itself apart from Battle Network. I want to rework my trailers, descriptions, and presskits to emphasize that. This game is not an RPG, but obviously it does take its prime influence from Battle Network's battle system. From there I took the things I enjoyed from the series and removed what I did not like with gameplay elements from other games. I want to highlight the experiences of how unique deckbuilding is, and the systems behind it reflect other card games like Magic: the Gathering, or how the EX and Focus mechanics draw influence from fighting games to chain combos together and create quick strategic planning. Tri Wing is about creating your perfect playstyle and optimizing your skills, and the marketing should reflect that.

Finally I wanted to thank everyone for their patience. Games like this cannot exist without a community, and I am proud to say that I have created a wonderful little community of my own that wish to see this game do the best it can. This journey is not over and there is still a long route ahead of us, and I couldn't do this without the help and feedback from everyone

                                                                                                                        - Veak

More updates will be posted soon, but in the mean time you can join the discussion on our Discord channel here.

New UI

New UI