Alpha Finishing Touches

The moment everyone has been waiting for is almost here! I want to discuss the direction I plan on heading as we gear up for a release. 

First off,  let's talk about what needs to happen before TW is up for download. There are three major pieces which we'll cover in depth here.

1. Control Methods

Tri Wing was designed with both PC and mobile devices in mind since day one. Testing prior to this was mainly done on PC with default controls with no touch screen controls were made up until now. To my surprise, the touch screen controls worked flawlessly. The PC controls however, were not. There are some joystick optimization issues which could delay a PC release or hinder the overall experience. Alpha will have partial PC controller support as a result. Key bindings will be enabled, but there will be a notification to players that joystick support will be finicky. Most button inputs are fine. Mobile version is looking good though!



2. Music and SFX

  The soundtrack for the game has been completed ages ago, but Micah and I insist on adding more tracks and fine tuning what we already have. Sound effects for the UI have been done, but more sounds need to be made and everything must be added to the game at this current point in time. The lack of SFX in-game is also why there has not been a trailer yet.

3. Tutorial System

It's absolutely necessary to have a tutorial in a unique game such as Tri Wing. There have been several ideas floating around, but non of which have been implemented due to the necessity of a tutorial that is not only simple to understand, but quick and efficient as well. This is the biggest challenge I am currently facing, and I am working on a solution for Alpha.

As it stands, I'm slating for August 24th as the official release date for version 1.0 and I am working diligently to see its completion by the deadline.