Error: Reprioritizing...

Hey everybody! So if you've been in the conversation in Discord then you have probably heard that my workstation is officially fried. The motherboard is shot and I'm in the process of restructuring things. So as much as I REALLY wanted to launch Tri Wing on my birthday, that's not going to happen. I'm going to shoot for September 21st now since there are a few more housekeeping items that I'd like to address as well.

 First order of business is school. Classes resume tomorrow and both that and my day job take top priority over Tri Wing. Without those two things, there would be no TW. Thank you for your understanding, and I will still be developing the game. The pace of my development will probably be slower in the upcoming months, so please be patient. 

Second, I want to work on a trailer and begin marketing a little more heavily to build up hype for the game in the meantime. I plan on launching the game on other platforms and I will be reaching out to various streamers and YouTubers to generate some more interest. 

So this is not what I wanted to be posting, but until my workstation is active again, the game will be delayed. My sincerest apologies! I'll keep everyone posted both here and on Discord. -Vince