Hello everyone! With the holiday season coming up, I felt it was time for a long awaited update. So the tutorial is complete and the control inputs have been (mostly) fixed. Well, fixed enough to the point where I feel confident launching a beta test. The tutorial is quick and snappy, and teaches you just enough for you to go out and try things on your own either against another pilot, or in Training Mode against a dummy.   


So aside from that, the only things left before a launch are sound effects, and publicity. This works out, as my personal schedule for the holidays is hectic and along with some personal things going on in my life (like having to have my roof rebuilt and half the walls in my house demolished and redone for instance), I don't have as much time to work on TW as I would have hoped. During this period of time, I am going to focus on advertising and bug fixes before adding extra content such as cards. This will ensure that I will have a larger playerbase on launch, and that I will have time to prep for the onslaught of bug reports players were reporting. 

 Updates will be slower during the holiday season. I'm working extra, and school is cranking up a bit as well. I'm also doing contract work for a business partner of mine (and money talks and keeps this project afloat), so don't expect much from now through December. I will be in Discord, so if you have any questions then let me know! Thanks for understanding. -Vince