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Hello operators!

Throughout development of this game, Tri Wing has gone through many changes and one of the largest reoccurring hurdles that the game has faced has been the networking situation and how to create a smooth and stable experience for all users with various internet connection strengths around the world. Well, I am please to announced that I think we may have that solution coming up very shortly! Over the past month, I have been redoing the entire network infrastructure of the game and performance has improved significantly. The game will undergo about another week’s worth of testing, but shortly after that, it will be rolled out to Android devices and on PC.

The game plan is to ensure that this solution is stable enough to squelch any major connection issues and complaints players have been having. After this is resolved, the next step is to add the Survival Mode into the game and push it to ALL platforms. iOS, I’m looking at you… 👀

Patch Notes (Beta 0.5d)

General Changes and Additions:

  • Added the option to change controls from swipe controls to a virtual d-pad and buttons. While using the virtual D-Pad, taunting is done by swiping down, and swiping up still opens the CMD Prompt. You can change between the two control schemes in the Options menu.

  • Cycling is now done on by clicking on the card art diagram on the bottom right of the Disk Drive, rather than swiping on ALL control schemes.

  • Adjusted Tutorial text to reflect these changes

  • Added the "Raging" taunt

  • Added "Cold Steel" and "Electrode" skins

  • The Exit button on the top of the screen to leave that game now doubles as a back button while in the deck editor menu to avoid further confusion. Clicking the deck name also closes the menu like before.

  • Added Social Button that redirects to the Tri Wing Discord, Twitter, and website.

  • Tweaked network manager so players of the same version will be paired together. This is to prevent players on older versions from having their games crash when playing with newer clients.

    • Most systems such as Google Play, Apple's App Store, and Steam prompt auto updates so that the game will always be up to date, but this allows players who get their updates in a delayed manner to still play without taxing the matchmaking servers and is a lot easier to implement than a dedicated server version checker.

  • Slight optimization tweaks

Visual Changes:

  • Some palette colors have received slight color tweaks

  • Status icons in battle have been recolored to match the palette of the player

  • Animated the background of the Options Menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the text bug that removed all text from some users' games

  • Fixed issues with Ad Block not working as intended

  • Engage Button does not break after hitting Cancel too quickly

Gameplay Changes:

  • Fade Slash now has a longer startup to make it easier to dodge on Turn 1

    • Fade Slash's Fuel Text now corrected to 4/6/6

  • Movement cooldown changed from 0.2s to 0.35s


PC and iOS versions delayed

With the launch of Tri Wing on Android this week, I can honestly say that I’ve learned so much about the game and myself. Thanks again to everyone that has been here for the ride, both new and old. It is with great regret though that I must inform everyone that I will be delaying the PC and iOS versions of the game for a little bit longer while I work out the major issues with the Android version first. Some of you may be thinking “But why does Veak care so much about the Android build?” and it’s with this message that I wish to explain the significance of it.

When I launched Tri Wing, I expected there to be issues, and plenty of them. What I did not expect however, was there to be what I view as a “game ruining experience” in that there are so many affected devices with this missing text glitch. As a result of this, a large portion of my player base cannot enjoy the game or worse, they may feel inclined to leave negative feedback for an issue I am working diligently on. If I compounded this with the release of an iOS and PC build, those are two other platforms that I have to get up and running, and that simply cannot be done in a positive and efficient manner with just one guy working on the project. The aim to move forward is to have the game at a point where all builds appear to be stable with no “game ruining bugs” present, and then learn and improve as we go. I have been so fortunate to have such a wonderful and understanding community along the journey and I cannot thank everyone enough for wishing me to take my time and create a polished product and it is because of that I feel that it is best to deliver one solid project now than three broken ones (but let’s be real, you guys will always find stuff to break 💜).

So what’s the plan? When is Tri Wing coming to PC and iOS? Well in short: soon. Basically, when the Android version has all of the major issues addressed, then the iOS version will be rolled out with the same version as the enhanced Android build. From there, we’ll take another week or two and iron out any iOS specific issues, and after that, we’ll have the full PC launch and do the same thing. At that point, we should be golden.

This past week has been insane. I’ve never worked so hard or have been so motivated to make a good project for everyone. Thank you all again for your patience. I’ll do my best. -Vincent Veak

Hotfix 0.5c

Hotfix 0.5c

  • Fixed touch inputs for better responsiveness.

  • Fixed the bug that would reset movement cooldown when walking into an unmovable location.

  • Fixed issue where the options menu would reopen and close immediately after taunting.

  • Cards are no longer removed when a new turn starts. This is a balance test and may change.

  • Fade Slash is now an Aggro card with costs 4/6/6. The startup time has also been slightly increased.

The graphical text bug is still being addressed. Thank you for your patience

Tri Wing's Release and Onwards

Hello everybody! Nearly four years ago I started Tri Wing as a hobbyist project to get myself into game development. That game has evolved so much since then. I’ve added new features, new UI, new networking systems, and alongside all of that I’ve encountered so many unique problems that I’ve had to consider when designing a game. Fast forward to today, and Tri Wing is officially available for download on the Google Play Store here, with iOS and PC following shortly after.

Look how far we’ve come! It’s super exciting, but there’s still a long way to go! The game is very much in beta still, which means that it’s a constant work in progress. There are still several features that need to be added, new cards and mechanics, and most notably, more bugs to address.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL ANDROID USERS: There is currently an issue where some users cannot see the text UI of the game until they get into a game and deal damage to another player (including the training dummy). This is a serious issue that I did not see during testing and it is my top priority at the very moment.

The game itself is Free to Play on mobile devices! Yep, on both Android and iOS (coming soon), Tri Wing is 100% free with all content unlocked right out of the gate. There are ads after every fight, and you can disable them buy paying $4.99. This also supports the game a lot by showing your interest in its success, but ultimately it helps cover the cost of running the servers. On PC, the game will be available on Steam for $9.99 on 1/31/2019 and will be 20% for the first week! The game is cross platform with other systems as well, so you can play with your friends at home and on the go!

Throughout the next few weeks, my primary focus will be optimizing the mobile and PC builds to run as smooth as possible. I’ve already began making some quality of life changes for the mobile user experience as per player request. From there, we’ll look into balancing the game’s cards, adding new ones, and then adding new features such as Hexes.

The “Hex Editor”

The “Hex Editor”

Once the game stabilizes and we can focus on game balancing, I plan on introducing Hexes into the games. Think of them as perks or abilities that can’t be found in cards since they modify your character’s stats. We’ll talk more about them soon, but until then I hope to see you all online and on the Discord server! I will also be posting weekend progress reports every one to two weeks and will have my moderators police me about it, so everyone can stay current with the game’s updates and so that I may be forward with you all. I may also stream some debugging/beta tests during the weekends as well, so stay tuned!

Finally, I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the love and support throughout the years. It’s been a surreal experience and this is only the beginning!

Patch Notes (Beta 0.5b)

General changes and bug fixes:

  • Changes in netcode to aid for smoother gameplay

  • Added option to change player region and show network connection with the other player to ensure smoother gameplay

  • Main menu revamped for ease of use on all platforms

  • Deck Editor revamped to accommodate for mobile devices and general consistency

  • Added player disconnection messages

  • Diagonal movement has been removed

  • Regenerator no longer heals while Burned

  • Touch controls have been revised to not require lifting your finger to perform an action


Gameplay changes:

  • Added tile effects. Tiles can now dynamically change states beyond player ownership.

    • Added cracked state and broken - In this state, the tile will break when a player steps off and cannot be moved onto until it regenerates in 20 seconds. The regen time is a placeholder for balance purposes.

  • Added the "grounded" state for various attacks such as Frost Wave. In this state, attacks do not go through broken tiles, and some attacks even stop after reaching a broken tile.

  • Added new taunt "Thinking"

Card changes:

  • Auto Stopper now reduces target's auto attack by 20 (2 levels) instead of resetting auto attack damage to 10.

  • Particle Sword changed to Fade Slash. Fade Slash is a forward slash that hits the column 3 units in front

    • Damage changed from 100 to 120

    • Fuel Cost changed from 4/4/4 to 5/5/5

  • Charge Pike changed to Frost Pike

    • Now Ices opponent on contact

    • Changed from a Midrange to a Control card

    • Fuel Cost changed from 4/4/4 to 8/6/4

  • Burst Cannon changed to Shock Cannon

    • Stuns on impact

    • Fuel Cost changed from 3/3/3 to 6/5/5

    • Damage changed from 100 to 70

  • Icy Wind now has hitstun on impact

  • Gigaton Punch damage changed from 100 to 120 and color has been changed to red

  • Xplosion now cracks every tile it hits

  • Reclaim is now a new attack that targets the player's original 3x3 tile space and reverts all stolen tiles within that 3x3 to its owner's possession. Also knocks opponents back.

    • Fuel Cost changed to 15/14/13

  • All mods no longer grant 150 EX on use.

  • Superarmor changed to only activate while attacking. A player with Superarmor on can still get hitstunned when idle or not attacking.


Card Additions:

  • Reclaim's original effect is now called Tile Burst. Still only activates on successful hit, and does not Advance if you are ahead on the board state.

    • Fuel Cost changed from 14/12/11 to 10/7/6

  • Earthbreaker - Hammer that deals 70 damage and cracks tiles in a straight line with a grounded shockwave. Direct impact point blank deals double damage

    • Fuel Cost is 4/7/9

  • Excavate - Breaks and throws tile in front of player if it isn't already missing in a forward line.

    • Fuel Cost is 3/6/7

Patch Notes (Beta 0.4.1)



  • Changes made to existing cards:

    • Burst Cannon damage changed from 80 to 100
    • Charge Pike damage changed from 90 to 100
    • Particle Sword damage changed from 90 to 100
    • Regenerator now heals 1 HP every 0.4s from 1 HP every 0.6s


  • Changes to the game:

    • UI is now recontrollable via mouse after community feedback


  • Bugfixes:

    • Lag issues on Player 2 (red player) side have been significantly reduced


  • WIP:

    • Adding separate UI elements for match codes and player names to make controller input more stable
    • Adding scrolling lists for deck editor, as well as general deck editor revamps
    • Reworking the network manager so players do not have to requeue every time a connection drops
    • Adding a proper disconnect screen with improved fallback


Patch Notes (Beta 0.4)


  • Added 10 new cards

    • Xplosion - High damage criss cross explosions that can be dodged relatively easily
    • Grenade - plus shaped bomb that is lobbed (cannot damage opponent until it hits the floor) and explodes in a plus shape
    • Electro Bomb - low powered grenade that explodes in an X shape and stuns on contact
    • Data Phish - Low powered Upper Swipe that steals opponent's next card (if available) on contact
    • Reflect - 1 second shield counter that fires a strong beam forward if hit. Active frame 1 and is invincible while shield is up
    • Deflect - Reflect with two weaker beams firing above and below when hit
    • Misfire - Forces opponent to use their next card if able. Somewhat of a joke card, but excellent potential and I patiently await the day someone posts a gif of them losing a round cuz they got hit by a Misfired card
    • Auto Stopper - grenade that resets auto attack to a lv. 1 cannon if hit
    • Glitch Bomb - X shaped grenade that removes all mods when hit. Made in response to the difficulty of Glitch Beam landing and the power level of Mods being higher than anticipated
    • Reclaim - Invincible smash on the row in front of you that knocks back opponent and advances if you control less space than your opponent


  • Changes made to existing cards:

    • Attrition cost changed from 7/6/5 to 6/4/2
    • Blitz cost changed from 5/6/7 to 2/4/6
    • Glitch Beam startup reduced by 0.6s to make landing the move more manageable
    • Lava Axe changed to Aggro and cost changed from 7/7/7 to 4/6/7
    • Icy Wind speed changed from 350 units/s to 400 units/s
    • Regenerator now heals 1 HP every 0.6s from 1 HP every 0.2s
    • Particle Sword, Auto Sword, and Reserve Sword all have tweaked animations for AESTHETICS


  • Changes to the game:

    • The entire UI is now controlled by keyboard and controller input on PC and will be touch enabled on mobile. Mouse input no longer works as an input after testing fluidity of the game.
    • Deck Editor UI now has slightly larger navigation buttons and a deck building guidelines button. Future plans to rework the entire deckbuilding UI is in the works.
    • Shop tab is functional but locked in preparation for the mobile build.
    • Ads are working for the mobile build.
    • Added six new color palettes


  • Bugfixes/WIP:

    • Network manager now stabilized and resets itself after every game to prevent awkward connections and reconnects. Still under development: When joining a game fails, player must manually disengage and re-engage. Currently working on having the game do this step automatically
    • Most animation bugs fixed. Players should fire off/burn significantly less cards, if any, after being countered. Still under investigation.
    • Less data is now being sent across the network


  • Planned for 0.5:

    • Mobile release for Android and iOS
    • Community button that links to the Discord page
    • Aforementioned network manager changes
    • Randuels - Side gamemode where all cards given to each player are random



Introducing the new blog: Hotfix

Hello operators! With Tri Wing approaching a more stable position in its development cycle, I felt the urge to be more active in my blogs and have decided to create a casual weekly blog. These blogs will cover topics of all manners in a very matter of fact way. Most entries will pertain directly to Tri Wing, but sometimes we'll  deviate and explore related topics as well. I'm calling the blog, "Hotfix".

To start off weekly Hotfix, I figured we should start with the most prominent topic of game development; money.  Money is directly tied into the current state of the game, because all there is left to do is to finish up in-app purchases and clean up the UI a bit. With that in mind, I wanted to clarify how the business model of Tri Wing is going to operate.


Snazzy shop page aka "The Cash Machine"

Snazzy shop page aka "The Cash Machine"

First and foremost, the PC version will not have any ads or in-app purchases and will be a one time purchase. The game is set to launch at $9.99 USD with all color palettes and taunts available. The mobile version will be a free to play game with ads after each game, and in app purchases available for palettes, taunts, and an adblock. All content can be unlocked by playing the game on the mobile version, and no major content will be locked behind a pay wall. This currently includes new cards and future game modes. The idea behind this is to attract the most players as possible since the playerbase is the heart of a multi-player game. That being said, I also do not think that it's fair to the players who do enjoy the game to be put at a disadvantage because they haven't spent money on it on mobile. In the future, I'll look into other methods of monetization such as customizable titles, images, and possibly a draft mode in the distant future. 

So what's the point of all this? Is Veak just some money hungry greed monster? Well no, not exactly. The reality of the matter is that matchmaking servers, equipment, and licenses cost money. In a future blog, we'll discuss advertising and marketing as well. That also costs money haha. I want players to enjoy the product, but we've also got to be realistic about the costs. 

he end game is simple: Make a game that can fund itself for the community to enjoy. Will we get there? One way to find out. With all future important monetary decisions, I will try to be as transparent as possible.

State of the game 4/18/2018

Hello operators, I wanted to give everyone a status update with the current progress of Tri Wing.

Throughout the release period I've noticed that the state of the game is not up to the quality that I'd like from various standpoints ranging from the gameplay to the marketing. To cut to the chase, I'm holding back the release date of Tri Wing until I feel that the game is fully presentable with a complete package when it launches. It is at this moment I wish to explain my reasoning and go further in depth as to where Tri Wing stands and where I plan to take it from here.

So the first and foremost delay comes from the actual gameplay of Tri Wing. At the moment, the network that I have built for the game is currently unstable and for a multiplayer focused game, it is crucial that I perfect this before going further with any other development. There are some key bugs that need to be fixed such as animation glitches online, to Street Fighter V levels of input delay that need to be taken care of before releasing the game to the masses. These fixes are not hard, but they do take time. On top of the network, there are a lot of UI elements in the game that need to be revamped to accommodate both PC and mobile players. Many people do not know this, but TW is a one man project that I have been working on/off for three years and the UI was recently redone since it did not have an update since the project started in 2015. Other elements like cross platform play, ads and in-app purchases for the mobile titles, and new cards/game modes also need to be implemented as well to prevent a shallow experience.


On the note of shallow experiences, I also seek to revisit the marketing and image of this game, as it comes across as a shameless rip-off of the Megaman Battle Network series. This is clearly not my intention. Tri Wing is a love letter of sorts to the series, but does a lot in the gameplay department to set itself apart from Battle Network. I want to rework my trailers, descriptions, and presskits to emphasize that. This game is not an RPG, but obviously it does take its prime influence from Battle Network's battle system. From there I took the things I enjoyed from the series and removed what I did not like with gameplay elements from other games. I want to highlight the experiences of how unique deckbuilding is, and the systems behind it reflect other card games like Magic: the Gathering, or how the EX and Focus mechanics draw influence from fighting games to chain combos together and create quick strategic planning. Tri Wing is about creating your perfect playstyle and optimizing your skills, and the marketing should reflect that.

Finally I wanted to thank everyone for their patience. Games like this cannot exist without a community, and I am proud to say that I have created a wonderful little community of my own that wish to see this game do the best it can. This journey is not over and there is still a long route ahead of us, and I couldn't do this without the help and feedback from everyone

                                                                                                                        - Veak

More updates will be posted soon, but in the mean time you can join the discussion on our Discord channel here.

New UI

New UI