Q: Will the game be cross-platform?
A: Tri Wing will be cross platform between PC and mobile

Q: Will data sync between multiple copies of the game?
A: Data will NOT sync between multiple copies of the game. During the Beta testing phase, all content will be unlocked from the start.

Q: So this game is basically Megaman Battle Network, right?
A: Not quite. Tri Wing’s basic mechanics were inspired by the MMBN series, but everything from the chip code system to the time freezing mechanics have been removed or reworked to embody a more fluid system that allows for more freestyle combos and smoother transitioning during gameplay. Not to mention a slew of other unique features like Deck Archetypes, the CMD Prompt, Hexes, and Auto Attacks!

Q: Do you have plans to add feature/card X or Y into the game at some point?
A: The current focus on the game is currently the core multiplayer experience. Any suggestions can be emailed or placed in the Discord suggestion text channel.

Q: I found a bug/I have a feature request! Where do I go to report it?
A: You can find my contact page HERE. Feel free to reach out to me. For the most up to date info and the fastest way to contact me, check out the Tri Wing Discord HERE.

Q: Will there be friends lists or private lobbies?
A: There are no current plans for friends lists, but there is the ability to make a private room via match code (a special code you and your friend decide to type in). There are eventual plans to have open public lobbies, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Q: How frequently will this game have balance changes and card updates?
A: My intention for balancing the game is that the community will speak up and voice their opinions about each card so that we will find a happy medium. This is a digital game, so I intend on making frequent tweaks so ensure that a good balance is achieved. Each card also serves a niche purpose, and only viable cards will be made. Expect them as the community sees necessary.

Q: Why does the game request to read my phone state?
A: In newer versions of Unity (the engine the game was made in) that utilizes In-App Purchases and Online matchmaking, it is required to have this permission on Android phones using Android 5.0+ to ensure that a connection can be established to one of the aforementioned servers. I do not collect or hold any information from players save for their IP addresses when finding an opponent in the matchmaking servers and maybe for some ads that Unity may throw at you for my revenue. Everything else is local and I do not have access to your calls, info, etc.

Q: Will there be a single player mode?
A: Maybe in the distant future. This game is a multiplayer focused PvP game.

Q: Will there be a card unlock system of sorts?
A: During Beta, all cards will be unlocked for the sake of testing. During the full release, there will be an unlock system that will merely require you to play the game for credits or do specific achievements. 

Q: What will the game cost?
A: Tri Wing will be Free to Play with Ads on Android/iOS. You can also pay $4.99 to remove ads and support the project! It will be $9.99 on PC. In all versions of the game, you will have full access to every card as well.

Q: Will you have skins/DLC?

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